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Saunders Interviewed for Energy Wire Article on Act 13 Challenge Following Webinar Presentation

Steve Saunders presented a web-based program on the implications of the recent Commonwealth Court decision rejecting the mandate in Act 13 that local governments adopt ordinances permitting oil and gas operations in all zoning districts. A number of media outlets viewed the webinar and Energy Wire followed up the program with an article which focused on the Commonwealth’s appeal of the ruling in Robinson Township v. Commonwealth and how the temporary suspension of one of the Supreme Court’s Justices may play a significant role in the outcome. Read the Energy Wire story by Ellen Giilmer, “All Eyes on Politics, Technicalities In Ongoing Act 13 Challenge.” 

EnergyWire is written and produced by the staff of E&E Publishing, LLC. EnergyWire provides comprehensive coverage of the political, legal and business issues surrounding the rapidly evolving unconventional energy landscape.

Penn State Extension Service hosts Webinar on Act 13 Presented by Steve Saunders

The Penn State Extension Service presented the initial webinar for its 2012 Educational Outreach series on August 9. Steve Saunders was asked to develop and present a program to review the recent decision in Robinson Township v. Commonwealth in which the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court struck down a major component of Act 13 (enacted earlier this year) which completely overhauled Pennsylvania’s Oil and Gas Act. Saunders’ presented “A Blow to Act 13: The Impact of the Commonwealth Court’s Decision on Local Zoning and Natural Gas Development in Pennsylvania” to an audience of municipal officials, lawyers, industry representatives, interested citizens and members of the media.

His power point program focused on the evolution of zoning regulation in Pennsylvania in the era of natural gas development and featured a segment addressing the consequences of the Robinson Township case (now on appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court) in which he was joined by Scott Coburn, General Counsel for the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors. Saunders and Coburn also fielded questions from the audience regarding the application of the remaining portions of Act 13 that were left intact by the decision and what action local governments should take while waiting for the outcome of the appeal.  The presentation will be archived on the PSE Natural Gas website and is available for viewing at