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Steve Saunders Frequently Quoted in The Legal Intelligencer, Oldest Law Journal In the United States

When it needs a source for information on trends and developments in oil and gas law, environmental law or energy law, The Legal Intelligencer routinely contacts Steve Saunders. It is the oldest law journal in the country and is read daily by thousands of lawyers and judges throughout Pennsylvania.

In separate stories about a Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision on a challenge to approval by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of a major new interstate gas transmission line project, the shifting economic conditions confronting the natural gas development industry in Pennsylvania and the impact of differing geologic and extraction issues associated with “dry” and “wet” gas, reporters have sought out Saunders for background information and comment.

In a story entitled “Pipeline Ruling Gives Attorneys Guidance on FERC Reviews” Saunders was asked to provide his reaction to the decision by a U. S. Court of Appeals to uphold governmental approval of a major federally regulated pipeline project designed to transport natural gas from Pennsylvania for eventual sale to customers throughout the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic region. Suggesting that challengers to FERC decisions in this field face a difficult burden of proof, Saunders said that he was not surprised by the Court’s ruling against a landowners coalition which sought to reverse the decision to approve the project.

A second article, “Attorneys Say Drillers Moving Out of Northeastern Pa.” examined the effect of low natural gas prices on the development prospects for leaseholders in the region where the Marcellus Shale boom began and the lawyers who practice in the field of oil and gas law. Saunders offered his opinion that while lawyers who have not regularly worked in oil and gas law may retreat to more familiar practice areas, practitioners who focus on all aspects of this specialized segment of energy law should see no downturn in their workload.

Most recently, The Legal Intelligencer interviewed Saunders for “Shift Toward ‘Wet’ Gas Doesn’t Mean Bust for NEPA” in which the author sought out the opinions of several lawyers who have extensive experience in the field of natural gas development. Saunders addressed the changing reality that lessors will face concerning the timing of development of leaseholds in Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania, suggesting that landowners with leases should not be surprised by requests from developers to revise some of the terms of the leases already entered into. He expressed no concern about the eventual exploitation of natural gas reserves in the region and the positive impact it can have for Pennsylvania residents, millions of others who will benefit from the resource and the American economy as a whole.